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Free Film Budget Template

I had to put together a budget for a short film I shot called “Stull”. Feeling generous, I’m making the template I designed available for free to the movie-making world (in various formats):

Film Budget Top Sheet Template as Google Spreadsheet
Film Budget Top Sheet Template as Excel Spreadsheet
Film Budget Top Sheet Template as Open Office (.ods)

UPDATE: The movie is done, it’s called “Stull”.

FURTHER READING: DigitalFlims guide to movie budgeting which includes some alternative budget templates.


  1. Wow! You have no idea how this helped me!! And anonymous guy…you suck! Let’s see you pull something like this off and do it from your heart! Thanks again John!!! You rock

  2. Thanks just made my work much easier


  4. Thank you. It pays off to be a giver…

  5. Very nice of you to share! Thank you!

    One question, if you have the time for it. How can I change the currency so it doesn’t count in dollars?

    Best regards

    • @Hanna,

      Most spreadsheet programs should have a function that changes this. If you are using the Google Drive Doc, highlight the row you want to change, select from the menu Format > Number > More currencies.

      Good luck!

  6. Thank you!

  7. I am in the early stages of making a film, I have written about 20 pages of a biography. I need to have an idea (in sterling not dollars) of what many of the direct costs will amount to. By this I mean a) screenwriter b) producer c) director d) camera crew e) the main actors and actresses and f) hiring of military uniforms-first world war. Other costs I can estimate, as there will be a little bit of filming on location and obtaining of archive film. Pitching and advertising costs we can leave at the present. Office costs will be kept to a minimum, because I am a Chartered Accountant.

    • @Laurence,

      Consider hiring an experienced line producer, who can go through the script or outline and create a very accurate set of estimates for a budget.

  8. My first short film THANKS YOU! You saved me tons ‘o time.

  9. waw ; u r very nice
    thank u very much :)

  10. I am truly astonished that you provided this information for free. Let me reiterate what many others have said…Thank You Thank You Thank You.

    Thank you for being selfless and assisting so many even though you did not have to.

    I appreciate the time you put into providing this Budget in its various formats as well as the other information on your site.


  11. Thank you for sharing this, really helpful!!

  12. Thank you for the templates.
    you are so awesome!

  13. thank you so much!!!

  14. Thx so much for this!!!

  15. Thanks… You’re the BEST!! Bless You!

  16. Thanks John! Thank u very much for sharing. I just got inspired by you! Lots of LOVE!!!!

  17. Hi! I hope your site will also shed light to people like myself in SA who have passion in movie making and basically don’t have much knowledge.

  18. Thanks so much … you are truly a lifesaver. Your generosity is much appreciated.

  19. Thank you

  20. is there any chance i could see a completed version of this budget you actually used in your production? i need to compare the budget of a short film to one of a feature film for some school coursework.


    • I don’t have it to hand and besides, prices for everything have changed by now. This page has a very rudimentary one:

      Or you may be able to find a better one with some further googling or by contacting someone who has made a short film that you admire. I would love to hear about what you learn.


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