Rain in the Mountains, an independent film by Joel Metlen and Christine Sullivan, will begin a cross-country tour starting with a screening at the Mid-Valley Video Festival in Salem, Oregon on February 24th.

Rain in the Mountains is a family comedy which tells the story of Eric Smallhouse (played by Steve Pierre), a Native American man who, thanks to the words of a Dead Man spirit (Joseph Heldman) he encounters when taking a new road home, believes it is his destiny to lead his people back to the old ways. The problem is, he was raised off the reservation and doesn’t know the old ways. But he’s not the kind of guy who will let that stop him. Against his wife’s objections, he teaches his 12-year-old son, Todd (Nick Erb), various ‘authentic’ activities, failing miserably and learning the hard way that things weren’t any easier in the old days. In the process, he discovers that some old ways, such as love of family, are still attainable today. Of course, before he can apply that lesson, he must realize that the Dead Man is a trickster spirit and that the U.S. government is all too ready to call a protester a terrorist.

Chris Eyre, director of Smoke Signals called Rain in the Mountains “a refreshing, over-the-top slice of Native-themed humor for all ages.”

Rain in the Mountains has also been accepted to the Washington, DC Independent Film Festival (DCIFF). For information about the latest festivals at which the film is playing, go to the official website for the movie:

Making Rain in the Mountains