By self-appointed Lord of the Trailers, Alex Keen:

Easily the best trailer of the year, 300 is on the map as the must see geek adaptation of 2007. The visuals are incredible – vaguely reminiscent of SIN CITY, but not so much that you might think you’re watching the sequel. The music is a perfect pairing, matching the Nine Inch Nails track “Just Like You Imagined” with a tremendous selection of dialogue and action. There are several standout lines of dialogue in this clip (“This is SPARTA!!!!”), however, my personal favorite is:

“Our arrows will blot out the sun.”

“Then we will fight in the shade.”

Nerds already have 03.09.07 ingrained in their brains and chisled onto their calendars. And that day, that day, noble fanboy, shall be a wonderful day.

100 Best Trailers of 2006