Lennon & Garant have finally made the A-list with their script for Night at the Museum. Some bragging is in order:

“The writers that I know usually turn in to the studio what sounds to me like a 10th draft, you know?” Mr. Garant said. “Their personal 10th draft. We turn in our 50th. We finish it, go back, hand it back and forth, finish it, finish it, finish it, and our 10th draft doesn’t resemble the first one except in structure. And the 20th doesn’t resemble the 10th except in structure.”

“People think we’re superprolific,” Mr. Lennon said, “because we have a lot of films coming out. But it’s not that we write a lot. Most writers will write the same amount of good material. We just throw more away. Honestly.

“We rewrote the first 30 pages of ‘Starsky & Hutch’ three times in one week,” he said. “So we wrote 90 new pages in a week.”

“I’ll tell you right now,” Mr. Garant said, “it wasn’t all great.”

Night at the Museum – Thomas Lennon – Robert Ben Garant – Movies – New York Times