Exciting update to Bunker Hill. I got to watch most of the movie as it exists today in the Avid Adrenaline suite over at Oldfather Studios. Editor Vicki Goetz gave Production Coordinator Lillian Parker, Producer Greg Hurd and myself a sneak peek of the all the scenes that are together in some kind of order, which is a substantial part of the movie, I’d say 60-75%. Most of the grunt work of synching individual takes and laying out the shots in order has been done. I don’t know if many people realize just how long and tedious that process can be.

So.. the hightlights. Saeed Jaffrey is delightful and Blake Robbins and Kevin Geer make scary and fascinating villains. Amazing shots through-out — Good work camera crew!

The shootout is raw and bloody. I loved the scene where McClain confronts Salem at Big Brutus. An acting showdown on both sides. James McDaniels gives great close-up.

It was fun to re-live the shoot, and great to see everyone’s hard work paid off. If the rough is this good, the final cut should be amazing!