As you may have already heard, there was a break-in at RED. Now CrunchGear reports that the Mysterium sensor is safe:

This is good news as the heart of the Red One is the super-precise Mysterium sensor, which remains in Red’s possession. Red is working with local police to find the culprit.

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If I was local police, I’d be looking into corporate theft or an inside job motivated by a corporate bribe. RED threatens the entire high-end digital video industry. Sony, Panasonic, JVC, Dalsa, even Arri — have motivation to mess with RED. Of course, if this is the case, the thieves botched the job by not taking the Mysterium Sensor, arguably the most key component, and the one under active development.

When I went to the RED booth at CineExpo, they had even their plastic prototypes all locked up. There is one other possible motivation for this robbery, which I won’t speculate out loud, because I doubt even the maddest PR wizard could’ve cooked up this Thomas Crown twist.

[Via reader ZF]