Thursday was the company move to Coffeyville. Those of us at the Best Western are enjoying our free wi-fi (but haven’t had much time to use it, of course). The other half of the company is at the Apple Tree motel two blocks down the highway. Also nice, I hear.

These are some of the closest accomodations to our main location, an abandoned gas station refashioned (go art department!) as Mr. Farook’s Pony Express. An hour drive. That’s two hours every day.

I’ve caught up on my reading.

Getting our Mr. Farook, esteemed actor Saeed Jaffrey (Ghandi, The Man Who Would Be King) into the country was a nightmare for the producers. Even after intervention by a Governor and a Senator, his visa was held up. We later found out it was due to “a 1964 citation for smoking in bed.” You’d think the gentle Saeed was Osama bin Laden for how difficult it was to get him to Kansas for a week to film a movie. His passport got to him 10 minutes after his flight left.

So the first day down we filmed what we could without him. He caught another flight, got to set today in the late afternoon and jumped into shooting. The camera crew likes him, because he repeatedly blesses our cameras.

Once again today we missed getting everything scheduled. We didn’t get to a very key scene between Nadim and Delmar. And yet we spent hours getting a shot of Johnny driving up to the Pony Express. Go figure. Tomorrow we have 8 1/2 pages scheduled; it’s going to be a haul. Call is at 6:30 am. Drive an hour to location. Rinse. Repeat.