In the summer of 2006, I took time off from my job in Los Angeles to work on an independent film based out of my home city, Lawrence, Kansas. The movie, called The Battle for Bunker Hill, would be the largest and most complicated production I had ever been involved with.

The Story

Bunker Hill is about what happens when a disgraced daytrader, Salem, arrives in a small Kansas town (Bunker Hill) to visit his estranged wife, Hallie, and their two daughters. Hallie and her new beau, the town plutocrat McLain, want nothing to do with Salem. But after a mysterious event cuts the entire town off from the outside world and leaves cars and electrical devices dead, a reluctant Salem realizes he’s the only one that can stop the power-mad McLain and his militia-man brother Delmar from oppressing Hallie and the rest of the town in the name of security.

With overtones of western mythology and post-9/11 politics, Bunker Hill promises to be as entertaining and controversial as Kevin Willmott’s last movie, Sundance hit C.S.A.

The Key Players

Selected Crew
Kevin Willmott – co-writer, director
Greg Hurd – co-writer
Patrick Rea – AD
Stephen Deaver – unit production manager
Lillian Parker – production coordinator, SAG liason
John Ott – 2nd AC

Selected Cast
James McDaniels – Salem
Laura Kirk – Miss Hallie
Kevin Geer – McClain
Blake Robbins – Delmar
Saeed Jaffrey – Mr. Farook

Bunker Hill Archive

To follow the progress of the film, click through the links below. The ones with stars are the main ones to read to get a sense of the behind-the-scenes drama that goes on when making an indie film.

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