While I was partying the weekend away in Vegas (Happy Birthday, Andrew!), I missed two shooting days of Bunker Hill. Because of the long days last week, there had been talk of mutiny. So while I was riding the monorail across The Strip, the producers and crew chiefs sat down for a powwow. Nothing confrontational, just an adjustment of expectations. Judging by today, it was a great success.

We shot a reasonable three pages and finished before the sun set. Tomorrow is a day off, then we move to 5 a.m. call times, something I actually support. Early calls are the norm for daytime film shoots because you want to maximize daylight hours. It just makes sense. None of this daytime + nightime stuff.

In the camera department, the addition of another AC and a camera truck has eased our burdens. Still, we are not quite all working as a cohesive unit. There were several times today where people were searching for pieces of equipment that had already been found. Having someone join in the middle of the shoot makes some miscommunications inevitable, I suppose. Still, it’s frustrating to ransack the camera truck for a 4-pin XLR that isn’t even there.

Between my weekend escape and the shoot, I’ve got plenty to take care of, so blogging will be light. There are some great personalities on set, and I hope to blog them. But until then, keep your mags clean.