In the mad dash to get out the door yesterday, I left my camera. I’m working on getting pictures from some of the many people who were there. Until then, I’ll just have to be extra descriptive with my words.

It seemed like the whole town of Nortonville turned out to watch us last night. Cameras didn’t start rolling until after 9pm, so by 3am, when the building finally blew, there were just a handful of Nortonvillians left. What they saw — and what the film crew saw — was, if I may say, pretty damn cool.

An abandoned building on Main Street has been used all week as the bad guys’ headquarters — the script calls for that location to get dynamited. So the production hired a couple of mild-mannered pyro guys to rig it with a series of mortars and blow it up.

We had four different cameras rolling. Patrick calls action. Two baddies run from the building. Then, when they are at safe range — BOOM! The first shells blew debris and fire out the front windows. The front door went flying toward one of the cameras. (The operator had, thankfully, turned on the camera and run away.) Then a series of pyro shells sent a fireball 45 feet in the air. Flames licked what remained of the front of the building and dust drifted lazily in bright lights.

It was, we all murmured as we cleaned and packed up, totally badass. Sometimes making a movie can be, literally, a blast.

UPDATE: Here’s some footage of the ‘splosion uploaded by crewmember Sara Huslig.
FURTHER UPDATE: Another home video of the pyro by Scriptie Robert Hubbard.