Joel and Christine aren’t the only directing couple:

Among alternative-rock fans, Ms. Faris and Mr. Dayton are moderately famous for the trippy work they’ve done for bands like Oasis, Smashing Pumpkins and Red Hot Chili Peppers. Among couch potatoes, they have achieved renown for television ads that range from cheeky (a PlayStation commercial featuring astronauts, monsters and sci-fi weaponry) to dreamy (a Volkswagen, a girl, the Milky Way).

With their distinctive visual flair, the couple have long been encouraged to cross over from the little screen to the big one. “We’ve been considered for a bunch of projects,” Ms. Faris said diplomatically.

“But,” Mr. Dayton added, “we have no desire to make an hour-and-a-half music video.”

Which is perhaps why they passed on “The Mod Squad” and “Bad Boys II,” both of which were essentially soundtracks in search of mise-en-scènes.

The Directors of ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ Love, Honor and Direct (Together) – New York Times