Filmmaking tips are scattered throughout the website. I’ve started gathering some of the most popular ones here to make them easier to find.

Moviemaking Tips

If you haven’t already, read: Making the Movie FAQ

Screenwriting Tips
How to write a great script
Scene Checklist
Weight Loss for Screenplays

Pre-Production Tips
Location Scouting Tips
HD Camera Comparison
Tax Credits By State
How to Avoid Pitfalls in State-Sponsored Film Incentives
Film Collaboration Websites
Free Paperwork: Documents for Filmmakers

Production Tips
Lighting Basics
Sound Basics
F-Stop Tip
What To Do When You Screw Up On Set
What Every Camera Assistant Should Have in Their Bag
Acting in Independent Films
Making Fake Glass
How to Make a Wire-pull Squib

Post-production Tips
Timecodes for Video
Why Tapeless Isn’t Painless
Advice for Distributing Your Own DVDs

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