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Moviemaking Tips Archive

Filmmaking tips are scattered throughout the website. I've started gathering some of the most popular ones here to make them easier to find.

Moviemaking Tips

If you haven't already, read: Making the Movie FAQ

Screenwriting Tips
How to write a great script
Scene Checklist
Weight Loss for Screenplays

Pre-Production Tips
Location Scouting Tips
HD Camera Comparison
Tax Credits By State
How to Avoid Pitfalls in State-Sponsored Film Incentives
Film Collaboration Websites
Free Paperwork: Documents for Filmmakers

Production Tips
Lighting Basics
Sound Basics
F-Stop Tip
What To Do When You Screw Up On Set
What Every Camera Assistant Should Have in Their Bag
Acting in Independent Films
Making Fake Glass
How to Make a Wire-pull Squib

Post-production Tips
Timecodes for Video
Why Tapeless Isn't Painless
Advice for Distributing Your Own DVDs

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