Somebody went and designed my dream microphone. The Holophone records “true 5.1 surround sound”:

Based on the company’s successful and patented H2-PRO, Holophone’s H3-D is a portable and economical 5.1 multi-channel professional surround sound microphone. An ideal solution for broadcast, recording, and studio applications, the H3-D hits the sweet spot in cost and performance for growing technology markets such as project studios, education, and houses of worship.

Notice this doesn’t say filmmaking. I’m thinking on set you would have to put this microphone

Continue reading about the Surround sound recording… somewhere in the shot in a lot of cases; and you’d also want to produce sounds live in the correct directions to save the edit time (planes flying over and other expensive surround effects would still need to be created in post.

The press release continues:

“Our goal is to make surround sound capture and recording accessible to new and emerging markets in places where it has been traditionally too expensive or complicated,” says Michael Godfrey, president and founder of Holophone. “With the HDTV and 5.1 channel home theatre revolution, broadcasters are faced with the challenges of providing surround content to a growing number of viewers in many diverse markets. Our products are designed to take cost and complexity out of the equation and provide a sonic three-dimensional feeling of being there.”

Holophone’s H3-D instantly eliminates the need for difficult, expensive, and time consuming multiple-microphone surround set-ups. Custom-designed to support 5.1 surround-sound recording devices, the H3-D provides leading-edge 3-D surround audio, while shattering the price to performance barrier — the H3-D retails for $1,695.

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