Universal Will Not Pull ‘United 93’ Trailer, Despite Criticism – New York Times

On one hand, I’m glad the studio is not caving to pressure from a small interest group. On the other hand, if the people complaining had been a religious organization, do you think they would be sticking to their guns?

UPDATE 4/7/06: Joel writes in:

the studio responded to the pressure with a new trailer – just saw it tonight before “lucky number sleven”. it has the director talking about why he’s making the flight 93 movie and has a bunch of victim’s families endorsing the whole thing on camera. it’s kind of disturbing that they felt they had to use a movie trailer to explain their actions – it’s very blatantly the purpose of the new trailer?

Joel’s in New York. Are they playing this ‘new trailer’ anywhere else?

UPDATE 4/21/06: I saw the ‘victim endorsement’ trailer here in LA, at the Arclight. It was playing before American Dreamz. Here’s an interesting early review of the movie from conservative blogger Hugh Hewitt’s website.