It’s easy to get caught up in the hype machines of the big movies. But it can also be re-assuring to the indie-minded among us that even gajillions of dollars and big name talent have great difficulty getting movies made.

To wit: the making of Mission Impossible 3 (Mission Impossiblest?), which was rumored to be a tortured birth. This In Focus interview with writer-director J.J. Abrams has a chance to get to the bottom of this, but the hardest question is about a previous draft that was obliterated:

You said Frank Darabont is one of your “favorite writers and did unbelievable work on the [‘Mission: Impossible III’] script.” So what made you decide to start over?
I wanted to start from scratch because it wasn’t my voice. It wasn’t my story. It wasn’t the kind of approach that I would take. Not to say that it wasn’t brilliant, or that if Joe Carnahan or Frank Darabont had directed that installment, it wouldn’t have been unbelievable — I’m sure it would’ve been.

I’d love to pass on some real dirt about the making of this movie, but Abrams keeps a lid on it.

Well, I’ve been working all weekend on some cool stuff that I’ll be unloading when it’s good and ready. Until then, excuse any light posting and lazy fanboy-ism. Some real juicy inside tales of making movies are on their way.