The wonderful Language Log has a piece on the language of the Skull Islanders in the original King Kong (1933) that also glances at the fascinating origins of the story:

It turns out another Indonesian island probably had more of an influence on the making of Kong: Komodo, one of the Lesser Sunda Islands (which also include Flores, Sumba, and Timor). When Cooper was first formulating Kong in 1929-30, he contacted another adventurer named W. Douglas Burden. In 1926 Burden had led an expedition sponsored by the American Museum of Natural History to bring the first live Komodo dragons to the West. The following year Burden wrote a book about his expedition, Dragon Lizards of Komodo, describing how he and herpetologist F.J. Defosse were enchanted by the “lost world” of Komodo. Before leaving, Defosse told Burden, “I would like to bring my whole family and settle here, and be King of Komodo.”

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