Mike of HDforIndies has been at the MacWorld expo in San Francisco and his initial report is up:

-Final Cut Pro is no longer available as a standalone thing – just Final Cut Studio. I don’t feel too bad about that, because clients used to get just FCP and then realize they needed the rest. But what if I want X # of seats of DVD Studio Pro or compressor? Can’t be done any more (OK, you couldn’t license Compressor individually, but you get the idea).

-Final Cut Studio cross grades are $50 in March. Good deal, that’s reasonable for the Intel and PPC version. You just have to trade in your Final Cut Studio installer disks from the older version. Fair enough. That to me says that that will be for Final Cut Studio with Final Cut Pro 5.0.4 or later. Note that NAB will be the next month – if you’ve just paid to get the Intel compatible version (a universal binary actually for PPC as well), you’ll be primed to pay again for another upgrade if they should introduce it at NAB. But will they? I talked to Brian Meanie, product manager (I think that’s his title, he’s The Guy for FCP) and he said they are happy with the performance of Intel so far. Actually, he didn’t – he gave perfectly political answers, and did a perfect job as project manager – durn him! I was asking about a substitute for Altivec and….ah hell and drat it, I’ll have to refer to my notes since he phrased it so carefully and well. He’s really good at the political side of his job, and it can’t be easy. I’ll write about the perils of Intel migration later. The point of all this is that there might not be a brand new, feature laden version at NAB if they’ve been swamped with Intel porting and optimizing. But somebody else pointed out that those are two different teams potentially – new version folk and porting folk. We’ll have to wait and see, too many variables and I could believe either side as being reasonable and believable.

-some sources said current FCP will not run at all (crash/fail to launch) on Intel Macs, others said only DV will work at all, and poorly, under Rosetta. I’ll have to confirm myself.