To GLAAD for calling Jake Gyllenhall’s character in Brokeback Mountain a “sexual predator”:

On January 10, Mr. Shalit responded to GLAAD’s request with a statement saying, “I certainly had no intention of casting aspersions on anyone in the gay community or on the community itself. I regret any emotional hurt that may have resulted from my review of ‘Brokeback Mountain.'”

GLAAD: GLAAD Applauds Shalit’s Response

Shalit’s gay son responds in The Advocate. Hopefully this faux-controversy is settled… no wait… Shalit’s gay son has some weird facial hair sticking out of his cheeks — no way! A mask is coming off… Shalit’s gay son was actually Shalit in disguise, a trick he’s saying he “learned from Mission Impossible movies, especially the new MI:3“. No wait, I can’t believe it, another mask is coming off… it’s… Tom Cruise!

[Via Filmmaker Magazine Blog]