So… a long weekend shooting this short film, “Shatter Proof”. Too tired to delve into much, but here’s the short list. The d.p. quit the shoot two days out. The replacement d.p., found on Craigslist, gave the director attitude the whole time, doubling the amount of time (at least) for each shot. The prime staging area was a lawn that had been freshly fertilized by manure. I was tasked with tracking continuity on a complicated scene shot in schizoid order, with a set full of trash, empty cans and bottles — and a crew that liked to augment those piles with their own trash and cans.

The actors were excellent, but because we were shooting on film and with one or two takes, I’m not sure that we got their best. Don’t get me wrong, as far as student films go, it was pretty top notch. But the atmosphere of frustration was difficult to exist in for fourteen hours a day.