Just got back from seeing The Family Stone with the fam. While it doesn’t rise to the level of my favorite film of this year, Junebug (also about a quirky family tepidly welcoming a frosty fiancee), it’s a pleasing holiday movie. And before you ladies out there get suspicious, my g.f., sister and mother all loved the movie. So it’s both dude- and chick-friendly (bros, take the op at weepy parts to get in touch with your sensitive side).

Some notes: Writer-director Thomas Bezucha, of whom I had not before heard, shows precocious steady-handedness in balancing comedic and maudlin elements, plus many characters whose quirks must’ve beckoned for easy laughs. Not to belabor this point any more than everyone else, but: Rachel McAdams has really arrived this year, holding her own in Wedding Crashers and fooling many critics into thinking Red Eye was a good movie. She’s great again here. Give that girl an A-list vehicle!