It occurred to me today that there are plenty of Christmas movies, but relatively few Thanksgiving movies. Thanksgiving is non-denominational, thus should have a wider appeal (in the U.S., at least); plus, whenever families gather, juicy conflicts abound. So why the paucity of turkey-day flicks?

Here’s the few I could think of…1. Pieces of April – I haven’t even seen this
2. Giant – has a good Thanksgiving sequence, but hardly could be called a Thanksgiving movie
3. Hannah and Her Sisters – from when Woody Allen was still decent

That’s it. Infoplease has a few more.

Why so few? Thanksgiving is a much better holiday than Christmas. Probably because the name – Thanks Giving – keeps the focus where it belongs. Christmas should be called Jesusbirthday. Or maybe just Buysomepresentsbutdon’tgettoofrenziedaboutit. C’mon filmmakers, let’s have some movies promoting this excellent holiday. I’ll even settle for a movie that lays bare the exploitation of Native Americans that was its origin.

META NOTE: I’m on the road tomorrow. As long as I have computer access this holiday break, the blogging rate should pick back up. I’ve been busy working overtime at work, plus my parents were out visiting this week. Excuses, excuses… I know. Anyway, look forward to in-depth exclusive material in coming dispatches: an early review of the new Harrison Ford/Richard Loncraine thriller Firewall as well as some website reviews that I’ve had 90% written for a while. Also, plenty of updates on the Rain in the Mountains front.