I’ve been talking up cell phone movies since this blog’s first awakenings more than a year ago. The new video iPod will only intensify the talk about mobile entertainment.

What else is clear is that, like HD, distributors need content made special-order for small screens:

Mr. Young, hired to create 24 one-minute mobile episodes for a spinoff of the hit series “24,” learned that making video for a pocket-size screen is far different from making it for a 27-inch television set.

About 70 percent of the images he used were close-ups of actors, because panoramic shots appeared blurry. He said he used tiny speakers to hear what “the sound of a neck cracking” would be like on a cellphone after one of the episode’s characters died from a snapped vertebra. But for gunshot wounds, the director was forced to make the bullet holes extra large and to double the amount of blood so they could be easily identified on the small screen.

Now Playing on a Tiny Screen – New York Times

Subtlety, thy name is cell phone.

UPDATE 10/20/2005: Now there’s music video shot entirely on by cell phones.