Roger Ebert interviews Bai Ling:

“I saw your new movie and I thought it was really good,” I told Bai Ling.

“You saw ‘Dumplings?’ “

“I saw the ‘Dumplings’ episode in ‘Three … Extremes’.”

“You did not see whole film?”

“I saw all three episodes.”

“But there is a whole feature film named ‘Dumplings!’ I won the Golden Horse for it! That is Chinese Oscar! You only saw excerpt! Whole film has lovemaking scene so passionate, so powerful!”

After you read enough Roger Ebert, you realize what an unabashed pervert he is. If a movie has female nudity in it, you can almost guarantee his thumb will be up. I like him, though. He doesn’t pretend to be fair, and he loves movies; unlike some critics (cough! A.O. Scott cough!) who only love movies in relation to how smart they sound talking about them.