From Larry Calloway:

Technology was everywhere in this Apple-enhanced film festival, but the most tekkie feature was “Conversations With Other Women,” digitally edited. The young Harvard-educated director, Hans Canosa, shot every scene with two cameras, and both viewpoints are projected on a split screen. It is an inspirational story of marital infidelity (two bright and witty people meet at a wedding in New York and go to her room). A strange perceptual thing happened to me: the split screen disappeared as I got intrigued by the very bright dialogue and acting (especially by Helen Bonham-Carter), and I was drawn into the picture, three dimensionally. Canosa, raised in a fundamentalist family, did not see a movie until he was 17. Perhaps that is why his production has such bright literary value.

Matt Langdon ( and I met a new Stanford film grad student in a line last year – Erin Hudson of Albuquerque. This year we saw her again at the prestigious “Student Prints” show, and her 12-minute video was in it. The others were short stories with high production values (and high budgets), some almost too good to qualify as student work. While the credits on some of these ran into hundreds of names, hers was basically herself and her student partner, Ben Wu. They checked out a video camera and spent a couple of weeks at a trailer park in northern California – one of the few that accepts old units and people who otherwise would be homeless. They put “Unhitched” together with Apple Final Cut Pro.