Just got an email from Joel:

To keep you guys up to date, we’re currently digitizing the film off of DVCAM into Final Cut Pro 4.1 (originally final cut pro 4.0 until it kept crashing on me when i tried to edit in 24fps* like Modern Digital [the Seattle post house] wants us to and I had to upgrade by .1 to comply) It looks good! I’m half way through scene 2 of 109 total!

I’m a Final Cut Pro partisan. So is Patrick Inhofer, who nevertheless chronicles its drawbacks compared to Avid (some of which have been fixed in FCP 4 & 5, which have come out since this Sept 2002 review).

UPDATE 9/16/2005: The raw footage is now completely digitized. Yes, it takes up a lot of disc space. No, they aren’t worried about that. With external harddrives, they have a terrabyte of memory available.
UPDATE 9/22/2005: Joel has issues with FCP frame rates.

*The edit is at twenty four frames per second (fps) because that’s the standard projection speed of film. Digital video is 29.97 fps for those keeping track. PAL video is 25 fps; NTSC 30. So film is actually less lifelike than the major video formats this respect.