Just got an email from Joel:

My goodness, to keep you up to date, I have been banging my head against the wall for the last week due to FCP issues… well 1 issue in particular. As you know, we did the masters on 23.98fps HD and then dubbed it to 29.97 DVcam for FCP. Well, it turns out you can’t simply drag 29.97 video into a 23.98 timeline because it removes the incorrect pulldown and gets rid of real frames and keeps the wrong ones. I searched the ends of the earth for how to fix the problem… redigitizing at 23.98 caused the same problem, using cinema tools to change it only worked half of the time even when you told it which frames to remove from each clip (it would suddenly make the burn in 23.98 one frame off from the FCP 23.98 timecode). Evidently, removing the 2:3 pulldown is easy if you have flex or log files (made during the transfer) or if you shot on a 24p camera and the camera put flags on all of the false frames – flags which FCP recognizes and uses. But with regular old DVcam, no such luck! So now I’m redigitizing entire tapes with each tape being one huge clip and then using cinema tools to reverse telecine out the pulldown. When it doesn’t work, I redigitize with slightly different starting and ending points and try again until the freakin’ burn in matches the FCP timecode after the reverse telecine… and now I have to chop up those huge clips into each individual sub clip per take like I had done once before. So in the end, I have “fixed” the problem, and only wasted a week and a half! Yay!

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