What is Rain in the Mountains?

Spent all my free time this last week in Kansas with my family and have yet to get up book reviews of Killer Camera Rigs and The Guerilla Film Makers Handbook. Soon, soon, I promise. I want to do them justice. I fly to L.A. today and won’t have internet there for a few days, plus I’ll be busy looking for work. (Job leads appreciated!) Stick with me these next hectic weeks.

Not only is my life hectic, so is Rain in the Mountains, which has a new working title: The Red Road. I know, I know.

As of two days ago, the rough cut was coming along:

We finished a rough cut of scene 2, yay!!! Hardest scene in the movie – it’s 7 MINUTES LONG. That’s 7.7% of the movie done!

Gotta hand it to Joel and Christine; they kept pluggin’ away despite the capture woes.

Did you know Rain in the Mountains was also a love story?

Speaking of Joel and Christine, I’ve kept some exciting news close to the vest. I just can’t hold it any longer. Shortly after the film wrapped (and Lillian and I left town), Joel proposed. Christine must’ve accepted, because now her hand is adorned with a big shiny rock:

Congrats guys!

UPDATE 10/5/2005: Premature announcement on The Red Road. The phrase is well-known in the Native American community, but was assumed to be un-P.C. by white folk. So, back to the drawing board.