Jeffrey Wells, who has been going for 11 years, says this was the best Toronto Film Festival yet. He gives high marks to Venice winner Brokeback Mountain, the new Ang Lee movie:

I didn’t expect to be as moved as I was. Not a “gay cowboy” movie, but a film about the costs of love denied and lost. My idea of a profoundly sad film, and obviously a love story of a strikingly original cast… certainly in terms of multiplex movies. Oscar potential: A probable Best Picture candidate (if it doesn’t tank financially). Ditto Ang Lee for Best Director. Heath Ledger, who gives the best performance of his career here, will almost certainly snag a Best Actor nom. Commercial prospects: No telling, although I’d like to say quality sells itself and let it go at that. I know this movie is a kind of break-through, and therefore a marketing challenge as far as the cultural foot-draggers are concerned.

I just don’t know. I’ve seen the trailer. “I wish I knew how to quit you”??? Laughable. Can a movie with that trailer be anything other than a cheesy meller? And yet it keeps winning kudos…

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