Nobody Wants Your Film

Frustration: It’s just part of the process

A curio created in the editing room, “Nobody Wants Your Film” is a genuinely original work that won’t be for everyone but will certainly resonate with aspiring filmmakers and those interested in creating art in a world of commerce. Consisting of footage shot on the set of an independent film and e-mails stringing together a semifictionalized story line involving the difficulties of gaining distribution, the movie’s strengths lie in revealing interviews with cast and crew members as well as surreal — at times beautiful — visuals.

Director Peter Judson includes conversations with indie stalwarts such as Peter Dinklage and Sam Rockwell as well as more seasoned actors such as David Proval. Abstract but absorbing, the interviews vary from locker room jocularity to heartfelt expressions about craft and capture all the banality, frustration, passion and exuberance that go into making a movie. “Nobody Wants Your Film” is both the cautionary tale implied by its title and an inspiring note from the indie underground. The glory may lie in getting your film seen, but the struggle and the numerous rejections cannot negate the importance of doing the work.

Kevin Crust, L.A. Times