Rain in the Mountains, Day Twenty-Two
What is Rain in the Mountains

This was the #1 webpage on the New York Times website last week: Just the Right Digital Camera for You

I guess pretty much everyone has a digital camera. We’re sure making a lot of use of them on Rain in the Mountains. Most of the pictures on this site — and all of the video — was taken with my Canon Powershot S1 IS (Canon now has an S2 IS with 5 megapixel’s to the S1’s 3.2). Joel and Christine used their Nikon D70 SLR for pre-production photos – shots of locations, cast wardrobe, promotional shots etc. Danny Brunell has a Nikon D100 that’s completely tricked out. Even swing grips Matt Hayden and Patrick Bachmeier are digitally documenting the experience, with a Canon Powershot A520 and an Olympus D560 respectively.

Read more about digital cameras used on day twenty-two of the Rain in the Mountains shootYesterday we were back at the Mima Preserve, grabbing the iconic scene of the movie, where Eric attempts to chop down a power pole. Joel and Christine have been using the image of a man standing with an axe in front of a power pole since the beginning. This cartoon was included in the first fund-raising letters:

Because the image is so arresting, it’s a good bet it’ll be used in promotions for the movie, maybe even the poster. So we took a break in the middle of filming the scene to snap a gig of pictures. Here are some of mine. As I get copies from other folks, I’ll add them below so that one can compare the respective output of the different digital cameras.

Here’s one from the Joel/Christine D70 with its Tamron zoom lens (click for a larger size):

Here’s one from Danny’s D100 with its Nikon AF lens (click for larger):