Yesterday was the end of principle photography, or the last official day of shooting. We were all beat from staying up late the last two nights:

After a sluggish start, we rushed to be finished by 3 p.m., when Joel & Christine needed to leave to take the last batch of film to Seattle. After realizing a collective wardrobe mistake — two actors wore the wrong costume for a whole scene; it needed to be re-shot — it was clear we weren’t going to make the deadline. Read more…Lillian called the transfer house and arranged for a late drop-off.

We filmed the two remaining dinner table scenes. Both were originally written to include Steve’s character. (Why Steve wasn’t able to be there.) The first one was re-written so that Steve’s character (Eric) can be heard off-screen, rummaging in a closet. In the second one, a body-double sits at the table wearing a welding mask (shades of Ed Wood). Eric was supposed to be wearing a safety goggles anyway, so we’ll see how much of a stretch it is. You have to hand it to Joel and Christine. They’ve certainly found some creative workarounds.

When we finished, Lillian gathered everyone together and presented Joel and Christine a bottle of champagne on behalf of the crew. Everyone said what a great shoot it had been, and what a pleasure to work with them. You could tell they were touched. In just over a month, we’ve all been through a lot together.

This shoot was too much fun, really. It’s got me addicted. There’s a fire under me now to make my own indie flick, by hook or by crook. Keep checking the main blog page for more on that. The updates on Rain in the Mountains will continue, albeit with less frequency. There’s the whole post-production and distribution process left, after all. I’ll also keep updating on Steve’s condition as I get word. Thanks to everyone who has written to me about this little chronicle. I’ve enjoyed sharing the info and the fun of making the movie. –John Ott, Olympia Washington