Yesterday we went to Centralia, whose historic city center and helpful city officials I profiled in my location scouting post. Dave Eatwell, the city’s Downtown Economic Developer (who used to work in film), anticipated our needs before we did. He reserved parking for us on two different blocks, arranged — on short notice — for a cop car in the background of a shot and even helped us find our day’s second location, the Galvin Gas Station. If any filmmakers out there are looking for a place to shoot in Washington, I highly recommend Centralia. Ask for Dave.

As with all of the public places we’ve filmed, passersby in Centralia were curious what the heck we were doing. Lucky for them, a reporter from the Centralia Chronicle was on hand. The article is already out. Joel & Christine have reportedly found print copies. All that’s available online (without a subscription) is the lede:

Location, location, location. It’s one of the most important factors when shooting a movie and precisely the reason director and Olympia native Joe [sic] Metlen chose downtown Centralia as the site for several scenes in his first full-length independent film, “Rain in the Mountains.”

I hope Joel’s name is spelled correctly in the print article.