One of the pictured principles of Rain in the Mountains celebrated a birthday today. Can you guess who? Answer after the jump.

Read more (a.k.a. the jump)…Despite AD Lillian Parker being out with bad case of the upchucks, and despite filming with some fairly complicated boat set-ups, and despite filming IN THE WATER(!), we still wrapped before lunchtime. One big help: actors knowing their lines.

Gregory Sutterlict (playing David, Eric’s Ned Flanders) had a great first day. He nailed the part every take. Steve was also great. We did one of his biggest stunts in the film: slipping and falling into the river. Where we happened to be filming it almost happened to everyone for real, because the rocks were pretty unstable. Steve did five takes of it, by my count, each one bigger than the last. I can’t wait to see the footage.

Oh, and the birthday celebratee: Joel Metlen: . He turns a quarter-century today.