Lots of juicy tidbits:

“I’m stubborn,” he said. “I have to fight. The studios want to be your partner in the creative process. That’s why I find most of my financing overseas. I don’t let the Money give me notes on my scripts. I don’t allow the Money on the set. I don’t allow the Money in the editing room. These days, even the little independent studios, they act like Hollywood. Some kid is making a movie for $500,000, and they want the final cut. Seems like the squares are taking over everything.”

He doesn’t sound angry. He is just describing how he works, and how he will not work.

Do you rehearse the scene?

“I never talk to actors as a group. Only one at a time. I talk to them about being their characters. Never, ever, about the meaning of the scene. I don’t want the actors overladen with research, so they grow stale.

“I love to rehearse when the actors want to, but I never rehearse scenes in the script.”

I wrote that down, and then did a double take.

“Then what do you rehearse?” I asked.

[Via JJ of theThree]