Must listen podcast covering:

Where do you want to go with this? What do you want for a deliverable?
Sony HDR-FX1 and Sony HVR-Z1U reasonably priced cameras for independent filmmakers
Comparison between higher end Sony F900 ($100,000 camera) and inexpensive camera; sensor, lenses, recording formats, latitude and sensivity
Discussion about Panasonic SDX900, larger sensor, 24p, better light latitude, uses DVCPro50
In Mike’s opinion, the best low budget cameras:
Sony PD170, Sony PD150
Canon XL2
Panasonic DVX 100A
HD for Indies Five Camera Shoot and Comments & Pictures
Post Production Tools for DV and HDV
Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Express, AVID and AVID Express editing
AJ and Black Magic DV input cards
F900 camera editing challenges because of cost of converting HDCAM to DV
Challenges with FAST storage
Right Camera, Right Editing System, Final Deliverable

Cyndi Greening & Mike Curtis on DV/HDV for Indies (Part 1 of 2)

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