Joe Heldman in a mock-up of a wanted poster for independent film Rain in the MountainsAnother fine day of rehearsals. Once again we had to improvise a new schedule because of cast ailments: Audrey Seymour (Lindsay) called in too sick to get out of bed. Robert Satiacum (Deputy John) was also under the weather, but managed to come in and rehearse all of his scenes so he could rest tomorrow. He’s recovering from knee surgery and is a real trooper (as well as playing one in the movie).

Steve and Joe were in their usual high form and I managed to get one of my favorite moments on video. It’s when Eric first meets the Dead Man and, unsure if he’s dead, attempts to poke him with a stick:

Clip from today’s rehearsal (50 seconds long, I recommend right/control clicking and saving onto your desktop)

Read more…When I had extra time during the rehearsals, I sat down with award-winning journalist and friend of the film Dan Burnell, who is helping with P.R. Later today I’m going to draft up a press release for Joel & Christine‘s approval and get started on a press kit. We’ve already had one newspaper story done about the film. Nick Erb‘s local paper did a full-page profile on him right after he was cast. (No wonder Nick is always playing it cool.) I’m going to try to get a copy from Nick’s parents. When you’re submitting to festivals, press clippings are a big plus.

Dan and I interviewed Robert Satiacum for his bio portion for the press kit since he won’t be at rehearsals tomorrow. His life has some interesting parallels to the film. Like Eric, he was an urban Indian who wanted to get back to the old ways but didn’t know how. When his knee gave out, he was forced to give up a high-paying job and move back to the rez. Since then, he’s had a spiritual awakening that has put him on the path to becoming a medicine man. He likes that this movie will set people straight about the nations of the Pacific Northwest: “America has glorified the plains Indians, the pow-wow, the head-dress. It’s nice to see it recognized that we have Indians out here too.”

Christine puts makeup on Joe (Dead Man)The woman who was going to do make-up for the shoot dropped out, so we’ve had to scramble. The only “gag” makeup the movie requires is for the Dead Man, to make him look nice and dead. Christine experimented on Joe after we finished rehearsing scenes.

Joe also got a mini photo-shoot. Joel is going to work some Photoshop magic to put his grinning mug on a prop WANTED poster. If it turns out well, we may make t-shirts with the image and caption them WANTED: DEAD OR DEAD.

Joseph Heldman is photographed by Dan Burnell for some prop photos