I said I would be doing more than AC duty. I’ve also volunteered to do some press work. This morning I sent out the first press release. We’ve already had some nibbles.

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Local Filmmaker Goes Native

This summer the state of Washington becomes a movie backlot. Foxhall Films, founded by Olympia native Joel Metlen with friends he met while attending film school in New York, is producing a feature-length independent film at several locations unique to the Pacific Northwest.

The movie, tentatively titled RAIN IN THE MOUNTAINS, will begin shooting on July 16. It is a family comedy about a Native American man who drags his son along on a series of misadventures, hoping to discover the ways of the past.

The script, by Metlen, won a six-figure grant from NYU. It developed from his experiences in tracing his own Native American ancestry. Metlen will co-direct with Christine Sullivan. The two previously collaborated on the award-winning short film Rescue & Search.

The cast is composed of actors from Washington and neighboring states. Among the tribes represented in the cast are Puyallup, Colville, and Kalispel. Steve Pierre, of Spokane, plays the lead. Nick Erb, of Omak, plays his son.

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There’s a lot that’s interesting about this movie, so the press should have no problems finding angles on it. Dan and I got some great material for the press kit in our cast interviews yesterday. I hope to share some of Joe’s stories about riding with Hell’s Angels here soon.

By the way, I submitted to 40 news outlets entirely by email. I found the links to Print, Radio and Television at US Newspaper List, especially helpful.