What is Rain in the Mountains?

We’re still on location at the Erickson farm — other than a quick excursion yesterday to the Chehalis reservation to get some shots of cows (the Erickson’s cows were too skittish). Today we wrapped early and had a teepee painting party. Full account and lotsa pictures after the jump.

Click here for more…Our pace is even amid the increasing demands of the shoot. We’ve started filming some interiors now — lighting indoors is much more complicated. One planned interior became an exterior this morning when Joel wasn’t happy with the lighting he was able to get in the Ericksons’ chicken coop.

Another time-consumer is the ole continuity shuffle. The kid actors especially hate changing clothes. Kassidy Whitener (who plays Todd’s friend) doesn’t seem to understand why we’re shooting the scenes out of order no matter who explains it to her. And we did at least five wasted takes of one shot because Nick kept bumping into Steve on the wrong side, throwing continuity from earlier shots.

No one person is dedicated to continuity, so we all stay vigilant. Moving equipment out of frame. Checking for reflections and boom shadows. We’ve been pretty on top of these things, best we can tell. Christine and Lillian, in particular, have sharp eyes.

Lunches and breakfasts have been great at the Erickson farm because we have access to a kitchen. We’ve had pizza and grilled hotdogs. Anything that breaks up the monotony of cold sandwiches is a crew pick ’em up. A happy crew is an alert crew. Despite the additional delays, I’m amazed at how efficient the production has been, even when we have setbacks like moving a whole dry-wall set out of a low-roofed chicken coop.

I know this is a ramble, but I’m knackered. Enjoy some pictures. All have captions that can be read by hovering your cursor over them. Ott out.