Joel Metlen, director of photography for independent film Rain in the Mountains, sits in the grass to compose a low-angle shotRain in the Mountains, Day Three
What is Rain in the Mountains?

Although we were finished by 1pm, today was a long day. First thing, our boom op never showed up for the parking lot meetup. We couldn’t afford to wait for him so we got on the road.

We had some new additions to the team, notably the actors Nick Erb (Todd), Audrey Seymour (Lindsay, Eric’s wife) and Robert Satiacum (Deputy John). We were sluggish in setting up, but when we did, the first scene went fine.

At the beginning of the next scene, a battery change on the DAT machine required the timecode to be re-jammed. The jamming cable, which had been finicky the whole shoot, could not be made to work. We tried calling Oppenheimer, but they were still closed. Joel and Christine made the call to go ahead and shoot without the timecode synchronized, making note on the camera and sound reports that the image and audio would have to be synched by the clap of the slate alone.

Luckily, there weren’t many lines scheduled for today. Unluckily, some of the seemingly most simple shots needed multiple takes. A shot where Deputy John’s head gets hit with a (fake) rock just wouldn’t go. Here’s some video of one flubbed take:

Near Miss – 12 second .avi clip

As I write, Joel and Christine are on their way to Seattle to exchange the jamming cable and to swing by the post house and pick up the first dailies. I’m eager to see how they turned out. I’m invited over tomorrow to watch them after the shoot. I’ll let you know.

I’ll attempt to post about the movie at least once every two days. Keep checking back to follow the progress of the film. I’ve tried to gloss most of the terminology — try moving your mouse over terms like “boom op” and “DAT”. If you see anything else that needs explaining, or you have questions or commentary, leave a note in the comment section below.