Rain in the Mountains, Day Five
What is Rain in the Mountains?

Yesterday was a short day. We filmed the FBI agent cutaways from the climactic scene, the part where the agents get shot by a b.b. gun and mistake it for bee stings. In one of nature’s little jokes, Joel and I, setting up the camera for a medium shot in some tall grass, stepped on an actual bee’s nest.

Both the actor playing Agent #1 (Kit Metlen) and the sound guy, Jameson, are allergic to bee stings. Luckily Steve, even though he wasn’t scheduled for any shots, came along for the day. Earlier on the shoot he was talking about what to do if you stir up bees. Now it was his chance to demonstrate his method.

He strolled up to the flattened spot in the grass where about fifteen bees were buzzing frantically about. “We mean you no harm,” he told them. “We are sorry that we stepped on your nest. We only want to film, and then we will go. If you do not harm us, we will not harm you.” It worked. The bees settled down and none of us got stung.

At lunch time, Steve took a watermelon rind down to the bees’ nest as a token of thanks.

Pictures from the first week of the shoot…

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Photos by Dan Brunell, courtesy Foxhall Films