Rain in the Mountains, Day Eleven
What is Rain in the Mountains?

Today up in Capitol Forest, on a road to a correctional facility, we broke out ‘the rig’. This was the full dialogue configuration — one new truck, driven by Sean Curtis, welder of ‘the rig’, pulling the ‘prop truck’, an almost-classic Ford that is the movie’s ubiquitous vehicle.

I’m in the back of the old Ford with Jameson, the sound guy. We have to press ourselves to one side to stay out of the shot. Joel and Christine are in the hot seat (more like the cold seat this chilly morning), directing, slating and filming from the rig platform itself. In the bed of Sean’s truck are crew members Danny Brunell and Matt Hayden, drafted into holding the lights steady while the cars snake up the remote road. Taking the rear in this procession, AD Lillian Parker drives ‘the frog,’ the green Subaru station wagon that holds all the gear, warning lights flashing.

Our first trip up is going great. Steve and Nick have already nailed several shots in one or two takes. Suddenly, in the middle of a take, I hear Danny screaming his lungs out from the back of Sean’s truck, “Cut! Cut! Fire!”

Read more…The trucks jerk to a halt. I stand up to see what’s going on. The generator that we’re using to power the lights has caught the wooden noise-muffling box on fire and it’s shooting hot sparks right at Danny’s ass.

Danny and Matt quickly snuff out the fire with all the blankets that are handy. Acrid smoke sizzles up from the generator’s exhaust. A busload of prisoners drives by, glimpsing the strange scene. Danny, much more calmly than I could’ve done, moves a full gas can from the danger zone to the back of the old truck. Joel ties the wooden noise-dampening box, char black at the burn point, on top of ‘the frog’, his parents’ green station wagon that has been the shoot’s utility vehicle.

The rest of the morning Jameson has to make due with some extra generator noise, but we’re all grateful nothing really bad happened.

(The smoke coming out of the generator is not visible in the below pictures but is in this video clip.)

I’ll attempt to post about the movie at least once every two days. Keep checking back to follow the progress of the film. I’ve tried to gloss most of the terminology — try moving your mouse over acronyms like ‘AD’ or words like ‘ubiquitous’. The pictures, likewise, have mouse-over captions. If you see anything else that needs explaining, leave a note in the comment section below.