Adrian Brody, Naomi Watts and Jack Black on a King Kong movie panel at ComicConJoBlo is at San Diego Comic Con.

After they showed the trailer again (which looks a lot more impressive on the big screen that it did on TV or on the web) Jackson went on to talk some more about his love for KONG. He said he had wanted to make this film from the very first time he saw the original. He told the story about how he wanted to make this even before the LORD OF THE RINGS films. He then said he had a special treat for us. He had about three minutes to show us from the King Kong/T-Rex battle that we see glimpsed in the trailer. What we would be seeing was the last third of the battle with about six minutes or so that led into this clip. Again warning about unfinished effects he said some of what we will see will have little or no effects work done. He said that even the stuff that looks done isn’t done yet. To give us a sense of what we would see in some shots when the FX weren’t done yet, he explained animatics to those in the crowd that were unfamiliar. To give a sense of what an animatic is, he showed a clip from RETURN OF THE KING (when Orlando Bloom hits the dude on the elephant with an arrow, knocks him down and the two elephants collide and fall over) in both rough, animatic form and the finished form. Keeping that in mind, he said, here’s a glimpse of the movie…

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UPDATE 12/10/2005: I have seen Kong early and have a full review!!!!

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