Joel Metlen photoshopped a double doppelganger for the indie film Rain in the Mountains pre-production test for a scene in a treeThis weekend’s rehearsals were, for the most part, excellent. On Saturday, Joel amused the cast with this photo to the left [click it to view a larger version]. Joel worked some Photoshop magic to demonstrate what the climactic scene, when Eric and Todd are treed, will look like.

The rehearsals are relaxed, but you can tell that Steve is taking this role and opportunity very seriously. When we’re on set, the actors are going to have to nail the scenes quickly and the crew (including me) is going to have to work just as quickly and errorlessly because there isn’t any wiggle room in this shooting schedule, and even less in the budget. We can’t afford to waste a lot of film or a lot of daylight. Here’s hoping that the virtues of repetition pay off on the shoot.

Photo courtesy Foxhall Films