Big Craigslist day. On the off-chance there are any regular NYC readers I don’t know personally, please check out and buy (cheap) some of my furnishings:

stereo and TVs
furniture (incl. wardrobes, dressers, table, and TV stand)
air conditioner window units

Since film is a bicoastal biz, I thought I’d also post a little on what I’ve learned about moving coast to coast. Check deeper than the BBB into your moving company. We found one that was too good to be true, and it was. is a big help in sorting that all out. We settled on Door to Door. I’ll write about them after we’ve seen the full extent of their service. sells decent blocks of boxes. I don’t think boxes should cost more than a dollar a box, but they do — unless you have a Sam’s club membership. USPS Media Mail is great for books, DVDs and CDs. Amtrak also has a little known express shipping service (with a special rate for human remains).

Movie news, reviews, gossip and opinion will resume shortly.