Scott Rudin, a tyrant to work for (I have that double-sourced) and a producer who produces more and better films than anyone these days, is defecting (in slow motion) from Paramount to Disney:

The New York Times > Business > Media & Advertising > Longtime Producer at Paramount Plans to Join Disney

Novels, plays and re-makes — Scott Rudin does them all and very well1. Disney, lately, doesn’t. With Eisner out, the new head of Disney could look like a genius simply by leaning back and letting Rudy do his thing. I wonder if they’ll let him produce some of the animated fare that is Disney’s bread and butter… Imagine it now, The Hours in glorious cell-shaded 3D!

1. He can’t be blamed for the disastrous Stepford Wives remake — it was a poisoned set due to Walken and Kidman’s egos (I hear tell).