Imagine a film festival with an audience of 300 million and no cost to enter.

There’s no reason emerging filmmakers couldn’t use the new Google Video – Video Upload Program to make their dv/film shorts available to the world. If you charge zero for it (or for a good trailer), you could get great promotion. If it’s good enough that people will pay for it, you could end up riding the long tail down the green highway.

The key to getting found in searches is going to be the quality of the metadata. Hopefully Google will allow you to attach a (tran)script to the file as well as keywords and cast/crew info. Google isn’t the only one trying to get into supply-side video. Yahoo has a competing search, plus entities like Al Gore’s Current and Jeremy Allaire’s Brightcove have their own approaches to serving the short-video niches.

All in all, some very exciting opportunities for the type of people who might compete in the Six Obstructions Short Film Challenge.

UPDATE: More on Google Video here.