IMDb is reporting that Daniel Craig has been cast as the new James Bond for the upcoming Casino Royale: Movie & TV News @ – Studio Briefing #3

I don’t know who Craig is (he played Ted Hughes in Sylvia, which I never saw), but I’m sad that they couldn’t convince Brosnan to change his mind or get Clive Owen. If you don’t understand why Owen was considered so heavily, see Croupier.

(The new Casino Royale is not to be confused with the old Casino Royale.

UPDATE 4/8/05: Variety is reporting [expensive reg. req.] that Brosnan is being offered double what he got for Die Another Day to return in the next two franchettes.

Earlier this week, word circulated that the Bond franchise-controlling Broccoli clan had patched things up with former 007 Pierce Brosnan and were negotiating a two-picture $40 million deal for him to reprise his role as the dapper spy. Yet another rumor had Brosnan making a single film while Sony — which is set to acquire the MGM studio this week — and the Broccolis groomed a new agent for a film to come out shortly after.

Brosnan and Craig aren’t the only actors making Web and press reports. This month’s Angeleno mag has its money on “Nip/Tuck’s” Julian McMahon, splashing the tuxedoed Aussie on its cover along with the headline “Meet the Next James Bond.”

Another name that has been floated in recent weeks is Gerard Butler (“Phantom of the Opera”).