Reprinted with the permission of Sam’s Myth (of the3):

I culled them from around the net, copying and pasting, so its not original. forums mainly.

– Million Dollar Baby is the first film since 1949 to win Best Picture without winning either a writing award or a single technical award.

– This is the twelfth year in a row that the winner for Best Supporting Actress was in a period piece.

– Million Dollar Baby is the first film since 1981 to win Best Picture and not have the most wins for the year.

– MDB is the only BP winner besides Gentleman’s Agreement to not win Screenplay or a tech.

– For the first time since 1964, both Screenplay winners won no other awards.

– MDB is the first BP winner since My Fair Lady to lose Screenplay without having the most nominations.

– Eastwood is the oldest Best Director winner ever.

– Martin Scorsese and Clint Eastwood now join Woody Allen and John Ford by directing 5 acting winners.

– “Al Otro Lado del Rio” is the first song entirely in a foreign language to win Best Original Song.

– This is the first time in Academy history that the winners of Best Actor and Supporting Actor were both African-American.

– The Incredibles is the first animated film to win a sound award.