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Free Paperwork

Tools for making the movieThe folks at Dependent Films have done all of us a huge favor by making available for free a lot of the legal and organizational documents needed to make a film. A real treasure trove. Check it out.

The New Brunswick Film Cooperative’s resource page also has a bunch of great free documents for filmmakers.

Screenwriter and director John August’s website has tons of script examples and some other useful documents, too.

Cast and Crew Call made nice one- and two-page call sheet templates.

Sonnyboo‘s got more free forms, plus handy images like:

All this free documentation has inspired me to post some documents of my own. Now enjoy free film budget templates, complements of Making the Movie.

To help you find what you’re looking for, here are some direct links, but be sure to visit the sites above, which have a ton more stuff.


Film Budget Top Sheet Template – Google Doc (Making the Movie)
Film Budget Top Sheet Template – Microsoft Excel .xls (Making the Movie)
Film Budget Top Sheet Template – Open Office .ods (Making the Movie)
Film Budget Template – Microsoft Excel (Dependent Films)
Production Budget Template – .pdf (Dependent Films)
Sample Budget – Microsoft Excel .xls (Sonnyboo)


Basic Actor Info Sheet for Auditions – .rtf (Sonnyboo)
2 column corporate screenplay – .rtf (Sonnyboo)
Continuity Synopsis Sheet – Microsoft Excel .xls (Dependent Films)
Daily Progress Report – Microsoft Excel .xls (Dependent Films)
Location Scouting Sheet – .pdf (Dependent Films)
Sample Director’s Statement – .pdf (NBFC)
Script Breakdown – Microsoft Excel .xls (Dependent Films)
Screenplay Templates .zip – Microsoft Word .dot (Sonnyboo)
Script Template .zip – Microsoft Word (Dependent Films)
Script Maker Template .zip – Microsoft Word (Dependent Films)
Storyboard 15 x 16×9 frames – .gif (Dependent Films)


Call Sheet – .rtf (Sonnyboo)
Call Sheet – Microsoft Excel .xls (Dependent Films)
Call Sheet – 2 page Excel for PC (Cast and Crew Call)
Call Sheet – 2 page Excel for Mac (Cast and Crew Call)
Call Sheet – 1 page PDF and Google Doc (Cast and Crew Call)
Cast Contact Sheet – Microsoft Excel .xls (Dependent Films)
Crew Contact Sheet – Microsoft Excel .xls (Dependent Films)
Daily Continuity Log – Microsoft Excel .xls (Dependent Films)
Daily Production Report – Microsoft Excel .xls (Dependent Films)
Field Tape Log – .pdf (Dependent Films)
Script Supervisor Notes – Microsoft Excel .xls (Dependent Films)
Shot List – .pdf (Dependent Films)


Daily Editors Log – Microsoft Excel .xls (Dependent Films)
Editing Log – .pdf (Dependent Films)
Final Cast List – Microsoft Word .dot (NBFC)
Music Cue Sheet – .rtf (Sonnyboo)
Test Screening Feedback (John August)
Preview Screening Questionnaire (Making the Movie)
Universal Leader (Making the Movie) – The countdown that goes at the head and tail of a “film” reel.


Use of Still Photograph(s) – Microsoft Word .dot (NBFC)
Use of Trademark or Logo – Microsoft Word .dot (NBFC)


Literary Option and Sale – PDF (Sonnyboo)


Actor Contract – Microsoft Word .doc (Sonnyboo)
Producer Agreement – .rtf (Sonnyboo)
Talent Release Form – .pdf (Dependent Films)
Sample Performer Release – .txt (Dependent Films)


Nondisclosure Agreement aka NDA – PDF (Sonnyboo)
General Partnership Agreement – Microsoft Word .doc (NBFC)
Limited Partnership Agreement- Microsoft Word .doc (NBFC)


Nothing I can find for free.


These are probably too complex and important for someone to post free ones online. See below for a cheap way to get some.


Location Agreement – .rtf (Sonnyboo)
Location Contract – .pdf (Dependent Films)


These are probably too complex and important for someone to post free ones online. See below for a cheap way to get some.

(If you can’t find the contract you’re looking for free, I recommend buying Contracts for the Film and Television Industry by Mark Litwak and typing up and modifying the generic contracts in there as a cheap alternative. DISCLAIMER: Even when using a contract published by a lawyer like Litwak, it’s best to have an actual live attorney look over it and approve it based on your specific project.)


  1. So useful for my University!


  2. Thanks for this. Do you have a license for music yet? I can’t find one, and need for music already recorded, music being re-mastered for us specifically, and one for music recorded live on set, where we hired a band. Thanks.

  3. Nilesh ghumare

    May 9, 2012 at 12:50 AM

    thanks for this page. it’s very use full for me. i from India. still working in commercial film as asst. director. thank u.

  4. Matthew Scatterty

    November 17, 2012 at 7:54 PM

    Thanks for this! Do you have any forms that are used for categorical note-taking while reviewing rough cuts of the film with the director, producer, editor, etc). The notes are regarding the strengths and weaknesses of the different aspects of the current rough-cut (flow, continuity errors, talent performance, etc) – essentially what is to be improved upon and what is to be left as is.

    Any suggestions or contributions would be greatly appreciated!

  5. is there a sheet for financial plan?

    Thank you

  6. This is most useful, many thanks for your site and sharing your experience and ideas.

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