The well-made movie Kinsey was snubbed in general by the AcademyWell, I have to say I was disappointed to see Kinsey was left out in the cold in the major categories. Everyone is harrumphing about the Paul Giamatti snub on the private film discussion group I belong to, and also in the comments over at Ain’t It Cool.

I was certainly pleasantly surprised to see Before Sunset and The Incredibles in the screenplay mix. Not having seen Hotel Rwanda or Motocycle Diaries yet, their noms will definitely give me a final push.

The 11 noms for Aviator certainly make it the front-runner for Best Picture. This year could finally be Marty’s year. Finding Neverland (7 noms, tied for second place with Million Dollar Baby) could have the most nominations of any film ever to win nothing. For those keeping count, Ray has 6 and Sideways has 5. Right now my gut is telling me that the awards will get spread around pretty evenly like at the Golden Globes and much unlike last year, where it seemed like Peter Jackson should’ve just stood in the wings the whole show.

P.S. Updated a post-posted post that a lot of people might’ve missed about film vs. digital at Sundance.